I was approached by Sam Pilling, a Director at Pulse Films, to work on a couple of shots for the The Weeknd’s music video, “LiveFor”. The shots were fairly simple but did required a little motion tracking and the use of Video Copilot’s Optical Flares plugin. The compositing, tracking and rendering were completed in After Effects CC. The final render was compressed in Quicktime Pro.


Director: Sam Pilling
Executive Producer: Laura Tunstall
Producer: Marc Milliard
DP: Vinit Borrison
Editor: Ellie Johnson @Speade
Colourist: Steffan Perry @Framestore
Graphics: Tim Keeling
Compositing: David Walker – True Replica
Beauty: Katrina Ensor-Oxley

One thought on “The Weeknd Ft. Drake

  1. Mr. Walker’s attitude to work is like a bear’s attitude to honey -he loves it.
    Being fortunate in having the opportunity to work closely with David, I was impressed by his candor, quick thinking, initiative & the refreshing ability to think outside the box.
    If you’re looking for a professional with tons of experience & a good positive attitude, then look no further than David Walker.

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