Roto. and tracking artist for this fun music video.

Produced by London based production company, Partizan, I was involved in the roto. and tracking of Beardyman’s head, hands and arms.


Directed by Chris Cairns and Ross ‘The Boss’ McDowell
Shot by Luke Palmer
Edited by Ross Hallard and Gus Herdman
Produced by Ben Murray and Chris Cairns
Post Produced by Ross McDowell
Lead AE artists Ross McDowell AKA MC Do Well and MAMO

Roto and Tracking Assistants:
David Walker
Maria Cecilia
Chris Ross
Ines Boneca
Nina Radivoeva

Additional Assistants:
Katrina Ensor-Oxley
Samuel Bone
Adriana Tolovici
Daria Mikhaylova
Tom Law
Peter Caires
Miguel Domingo-Redondo
Leila Salarkia
Morteza Habibzadeh Sharif
Maryam Mansoori
Fern Reay
Robert Chohan
Paul Loudon
Oscar Sanandres Quiroga
Rowan Isabelle Asfhany

Titles by Chris Ross and Davis Silis
Beardykid played by James Mulford, choreographed by Alex
Thanks to Andy Instone and the Mulfords.

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